Meet The Mind

Behind The Narrative

Shri Gopal Sharma

Managing Director

Shri Gopal Sharma is the Managing Director of Shri Vishvakarma (E.S.) Industries Pvt. Ltd. in 1990. His pioneering spirit and foresight. has guided Choyal’s emergence as a formidable financially sound Flour Milling Manufacturing and Exporting Company. Managing a dual responsibility of Exports, over the course of years, he led. Choyal’s Greenfield Unit II project, introduced the New Facility Centre and CNC Workshop and was pivotal to growing the organization’s footprint.

Mr R.S. Choyal

Executive Director

Mr R.S. Choyal is an Industrialist and Innovator who values determination, commitment and excellence. Through his hard work, and impeccable managerial skill, he played a pivotal role in establishing Choyal Group as a world-renowned name in the milling industry.

He is a visionary leader who knows excellence is a journey, not a simple destination this inspired him to teach and mentor the youth through his milling school, CSMT. As a milling expert and veteran, he brings unique perspectives gained from his experience, empowering and motivating youth to unleash their untapped potential.

Today he also provides his valuable knowledge and expertise as a consultant to Rajasthan Government to empower farmers, generate employment for youth and create sustainable agro businesses.