How to Setup your Spice Industry

This course will guide you in your Entrepreneurial journey to set up a spice business. The course provides you with complete know-how about the spice industry and the challenges you will face in setting up a spice processing plant. The aim of this course is to provide a general understanding of how to run a spice business in the country.

Main Features

Learn about kinds of spice processing business, course provides you with an end-to-end solution to set up the industry with knowledge about raw material used in the spice industry, procurement of raw material, processing of spices, grinding, packaging, storage, branding, marketing, etc.



How to Setup your Spice Industry

3.18 Minutes
This lesson will guide you on the basic introduction of how to set up a spice processing business and will give you a brief preview of the spice Industry. In this  chapter we cover a quick understanding of spices and spice products, how to choose the best location, from where to buy raw material & machines.

Kinds of Spice Business
4.00 Minutes
In this lesson, you will learn about the various kinds of spice processing businesses which will help you to explore different avenues in the sector. In this chapter you get to learn about various types of spice industry, raw material, godown/cold storage, cleaning of processing plant, medicinal plant, export unit, feed industry, sorting of seeds and merchants & retailers.
Types of Processing Plants and Spices
5.09 Minutes
This lesson will help you to learn about the different types of spices, processing plants, and their utilization. Will talk about different  plant & machinery in the spice industry. A quick go through of  Spice Grinding system, micro spice plant, grain storage & packing,container based micro spice plant, oil processing, spice blending system, How many different types of spices we can use in spice industry,& different premix spices.

Processing of Spices
9.01 Minutes
This lesson will guide you about spice processing which includes cleaning, sorting, drying, blending spices, storage and packing.
Cleaning section includes- vibro separator, grader/reel machine,magnetic destoner.
For the blending & drying process we use- ribbon blender/mixer & roasting -drying machine.

Grinding Packaging and Storage of Spices
13.54 Minutes
The process of grinding spices is the most important part of spice processing. Spice grinding machine having pulveriser, hammer mill, pin mill. In the storage section & spice strain process you can store from 500 kg till 50 tones. Understand the Process of silling & packing with MRP & barcode labeling. knowledge of machines we use in spice plants & from where we have to buy these machineries. In the packaging session you get an idea of all packing methods such as packing in a transparent pouch, outer packing, similar packing of the pouches. 

Types of Spice Processing Plants
5.50 Minutes
In this session you will learn about how you can start Mini Plant in a container with a low investment. Talk about FPO’S & mobile cleaning & sorting required for this. You may start your spice  processing process with a food mart & grocery store. Knowledge of selecting a right & best location.

Purchase of Raw Material for Spice Processing
1.00 Minute
In this you will learn about from where you have to buy raw materials for spice processing.
Marketing and Sale of Spices
8.46 Minutes
In this you will learn about how to do marketing & sale of spices. You learn how more than manufacturing to sell that is important. For sale you may approach- local markets, dealers, distributors, retail stores, supermarkets,hotels,messes, restaurants & on  ecommerce platforms . For marketing purposes you go with online marketing on various social media portals like facebook, Instagram etc. Advertisement & branding. sales & marketing analysis will help you out in the complete marketing process.

Licensing of Business
6.36 Minutes
In this you will learn about why license & certificate is much required to start your new business.For this you need business entities, udhyog adhar registration, FSSAI registration, shop act trade license, GST registration, APEDA, USFDA, IE code, Bar code, IE code, Quality certification, LAB test reports and so on. 

5.54 Minutes
In this last module you will learn about the complete guide of how to run a spice business. How technology is used in spice industries like-smart farming, warehousing, automated food factories, and logistics. How automation , artificial intelligence ,cyber security & technology is used in the spice industry. Knowledge of schemes  started by the Indian government for Food processing sectors.
For more knowledge & information regarding milling & spice business you should be the part of CSMT (Choyal school of milling technology) where you will learn all about milling technology in a very professional way.
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