Basics Of Grain Milling and Processing Industry

This course on grain milling and processing will help you in your journey to set up a grain milling and processing plant with the solution to the problems faced in the industry. The course is structured to guide you in a step-by-step manner to understand the process and know-how of this particular industry. With our expertise of 55+ years and our teacher who is an Industry Expert, this course will provide you with specific practical experience and solutions available.

Basics Of Grain Milling and Processing Industry

Introduction to Grain Milling and Processing Industry
3.22 Minutes
In this course, you learn about introduction of grain Milling and Processing, how to do Grain milling & the business opportunities in Grain milling & Processing. With the help of this course you will learn about entrepreneurship & grain milling & plants.About sales & marketing, grain cleaning process, equipments to be used for grain milling, the essential tools required, and an update on the new technology available in the market in the field of Grain milling and processing.

Basics of Milling and Processing
7.48 Minutes
In this lesson you will learn the basics of milling such as what is milling, what products can be milled & their uses. Details about the options for grain milling & processing like grain sorting, grain cleaning, multi grain sorting, grading,packing,pulse & gram flour plant, soya flour plant, millet flour plant,grain storage facilities, corn plant. Talk about work to do for grain milling & processing unit establishment.

Grain Milling and Processing Business
5.48 Minutes
In this you will learn how to start an grain milling and processing business. It needs planning, required cleaning, sorting, grading, investment. How to make your profit margin will be discussed in this lesson. Advantages of starting a grain milling business.

Legal Requirements
2.09 Minutes
In this you will learn about the need of license & certificate  and why it is much required to start your business.For this you need business entities, udhyog aadhar registration, FSSAI registration, shop act trade license, GST registration, Quality certification, LAB test reports and so on.
Essential Requirements and Types of Grains
2.43 Minutes
In this you will learn about what equipment & essentials you need for this industry for example- transportation facility, electricity, water, manpower, drainage facility, flour mill machines & equipment as per desired outcome capacity. Also will cover details about  types of  grains required for grain milling & processing.
Basics of Grain Milling and Processing Plant
6.38 Minutes
In this you will learn about various types of flour mill plant, their capacity & starting price of each one of them. We have Container based flour mill plant, container based spice mill plant, mini, medium & large size flour mill plants , besan & spice plants. A quick detail about wonder-flora-digital fresh atta vending machine  & Wonder spice up -digital spice vending machine & their key features.

Process of Grain Milling
6.38 Minutes
In this you will learn about how the grain milling process has been done in various types of  container based plants such as container flour mill plant, container based spice plant and so on.

Grinding of Grains and Equipment Required
4.57 Minutes
In this you will learn the various technologies used in grinding. Different machines were used such as horizontal chakki, roller mill,hammer mill. How to make a flow chart of grain milling & processing & this flowchart will help you to understand the processing in detail. Detailed about different equipment used for the grain milling & processing industry.
Updates in the Grain Milling Technology
5.00 Minutes
In this you get to know how new innovative products help to increase business profitability. Few of them are power saving modes, indicator alarms, automatic system, digital mill operations reducing man power & so on. Also  you learn about wonder pro miller- revolutionary solution for mill.

Basic Operations of Grain Milling and Processing
4.09 Minutes
In this you learn about operation of grain milling & processing business .About Profit centres of grain milling & processing plant.
Schemes and Conclusion
6.19 Minutes

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